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Your Bike Love Story - November & December 2011   

 Trees and Light...A Bike Love Story by April Lemly

I can still see the flicker of the sunlight in the aspen as my 5 year old legs swing freely off the back of my father’s touring bike. The year 1975, Dad and I were riding through the mountains of New Mexico. The love was ignited. I fell for the feeling of life on a bike. To this day, I say that we are indeed more alive on a bike. As we move through the world by bike, our senses are heightened and we are IN the moment. Read More...






Ode to a Diamond Back by Jennifer Volland

I didn't think I had a "bike story." There's no one moment in my history that has defined my relationship to bikes. No competitive racing. No wedding proposal over a leisurely ride. No major accident. Not even a theft. So when Melissa asked if I would contribute an essay to kick off Women on Bikes SoCal, I was a bit worried. I thought I'd have to make something up. Read More...

My Bike Was My Horse by Janae Noble

As a seven-year old, having a horse was out of the question for me, so I took one of my dad’s old leather belts and tied it to the handlebars of the 3-speed bike I got from Cal’s Department Store on Del Amo for Christmas. How I loved that bike. It was light blue and too big for me to sit on the seat, so I peddled standing up until I grew tall enough to sit in the saddle. With my cowgirl outfit on (including black boots with reverse stitching) and the “reins” in my hand, I was finally free. Read More...



The Beauty of the Bike Limo by April Economides

Like many kids, I learned how to ride a bicycle without training wheels at age six, with my parents and grandparents taking turns running up and down the sidewalk holding on to the back of my seat until that magical moment when they let go and I kept on riding. I remember singing “I love Pippy Longstocking, up and away, and a sha-na-na!” over and over…and over… and feeling really cool. Read more...

Blame it on Harry Potter! by Starla

In 2008, a year after a breakup from the guy I honestly thought I would marry one day, I heard from a friend about this group called "Midnight Ridazz" ( that rode their bikes around LA at night. I was intrigued and wanted to join their Halloween ride in my Harry Potter costume. Read more...


A Passionate Newbie by Zelico Humphrey

I’m hoping to add the fellows later down the road to participate in the weekly bike ride with us, that is, once we, women, have built up our tolerance and cardio so that we can ride more than 10 miles without fainting and/or panting. Okay, it takes time! We are newbies at this sport. Smile! Read more...




Midlife Bike Makeover by Melissa Balmer

I decided to go for it. It was time. I was very nervous. I was afraid I'd forgotten how to ride a bike and that I might take a spill right in front of hundreds of people, but instead I took to riding again like a duck to water. My body hadn't forgotten. What fun it was and what a great reception the crowd gave us that night. Read more...



Would you like to share your own inspriational bike story, or that of a friend or loved one? If so we'd love to hear it. Write to us at if you'd like to be included in a future edition.