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Bike is the New Black with Sandra Pimentel


Celebrate the Bike by Sandra Pimentel

Vintage collector Cliff Shirk of Long Beach and member of the Cyclone Coaster monthly vintage bike ride will be featured in the "Vintage Bike + Fashion Show" on May 11th at BikeFest.

Long Beach is on the brink of something very exciting. Through years of ups and downs, and undefinable identity crisis, its apparent that Long Beach has found a new voice, and the city’s businesses, citizens, and visitors are about to experience all the benefits that a simple bicycle can offer.
Bicycles have become more then just modes of transportation. They’ve become an iconic part of our new culture, and an identity to our hopeful new America. In fashion, health, entertainment, and even economic development, the bicycle has taken center stage. It is time to celebrate this tiny two wheel mode of transportation, which continues to empower, inspire, and celebrate our desire for health, beauty, and well being. 
Long Beach will take its part in this celebration! The Vintage Bike + Fashion Show at Downtown Long Beach Associates' BikeFest, coordinated by Women on Bikes SoCal, will promote all the wonderful elements which have create the bicycle culture we now have in Long Beach.  In order to nurture our bicycle community, and continue its growth, events like the Vintage Bike + Fashion show are necessary. The show features Bike friendly businesses, bicycle enthusiasts, and authentic vintage Long Beach fashion. By promoting our local Vintage Boutiques, and Bicycle shops, as well Long Beach’s many talented, artist, photographers, and musician the fashion show captures why bicycle riding is fun, fashionable, and good for our community.  
This curated event will take all in attendance on a beautiful journey one bicycle one fashion icon at a time, starting from the 1920’s through 1990’s. Wrapped up in music, fashion, beauty, and art, the audience will experience a powerful message that bicycle riding in Long Beach is celebrated, recognized, accepted, and most definitely fashionable! The Vintage Bicycle and Fashion show is an event that Long Beach can be very proud of, as it will aide in its efforts of becoming the most bike friendly city in the United States!

About Sandra

Sandra Pimentel is a talented Long Beach based hair, makeup and photo stylist who oversaw the look and feel of the May 11th 2013 "Vintage Bike + Fashion Show" at BikeFest with Women on Bikes SoCal for the Downtown Long Beach Associates. She is an avid bicyclist and vintage aficionado. She uses her own impressive knowledge of both current and vintage fashion, her "downtown darling" vintage collection, and extensive network of style creatives, designers and boutiques to help photographers and media throughout California create unforgettable imagery.